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Cozydreams™ - Baby White Noise Machine

Cozydreams™ - Baby White Noise Machine

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Introducing the CozyDreams Baby White Noise Machine

Engineered with 10 soothing sounds, including white noise, lullabies, and ocean waves, this compact device creates a serene sleep environment, helping your baby drift off to dreamland effortlessly.


  • Promotes Deeper Sleep: Soothing sounds aid in faster sleep onset and longer, more restful sleep cycles.
  • Reduces Distractions: White noise masks background noises, minimizing disruptions for uninterrupted sleep.
  • Aids in Soothing: Variety of sounds, including lullabies, provide gentle auditory stimulation to comfort your baby during fussy moments.
  • Enhances Sleep Environment: Compact and portable design ensures a consistent sleep environment wherever you go.
  • Convenient and User-Friendly: Adjustable volume settings, timer options, and automatic noise detection mode offer hassle-free operation tailored to your baby's needs.

Package Includes:

  • 1 * Sleep Machine
  • 1 * USB Cable
  • 1 * Lanyard
  • 1 * User Manual (English)
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